Director of civil engineering and geo-environment laboratory- LGCgE

LGCgE, Polytech’Lille. University of Lille. Cité Scientifique. Avenue Paul Langevin. 59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq. France.

Room : 4th floor, Building ESPRIT, LGCgE. University of Lille.

Phone : 03 62 26 89 76 / Secretary : 03 62 26 89 82

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Scientific activites

Research summary

Professor Ali Zaoui’s multidisciplinary research has been mainly dedicated to the modeling and simulation methods based on first-principles, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo. They cover a wide range of materials including geo-materials, minerals, clays, cement, asphalt, nano-composites, nanomaterials, polymers, semiconductors and metals. He has published over 200 papers in international journals with high impact factor.

Selected publications

Research interests and topics

1. Geopolymer reinforced by pristine and covalent functionalized carbon nanotubes

2. ‘Playing selfy’ in cementitious materials

3. Nanomaterials in concrete

4. Bending and wetting of Clays: Water, contaminants and heating effects

5. Clays and future of radioactive waste storage

6. Cleaning polluted air and soil from CO2 and radionuclides

7. Rocks and Minerals

8. Self-healing of asphalt

9. Nanocomposites

10. Polymers: crystallization of polyethylene

11. Stud of vulcanized and filled rubber: Physical and Mechanical properties at high strain rate

12.Prediction of new materials

13.Other topics (nanoindentation, spintronics, semiconductors, magnetic materials, metal/ceramics, energetic materials, superheating-freezing,..)

Main collaborations


University of Uppsala, collaboration with Prof. Ahuja since 20 years ago.


KTH-Stockholm. Collaboration with Prof. Belonoshko, and Prof. Johansson (former chairman of Nobel price committee) since around 20 years.


Institute of Soil Science at BUKO, Vienna, Austria. Collaboration with Prof. Daniel Tunega since 18 years.


Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. Collaboration with Prof. Koenders.


Cardiff University, UK. Collaboration with Prof. Jefferson and Dr Gardner.


The University of Manchester, UK. Collaboration with Prof. Levermore ( Nobel Laureat).


Beihang University, Beijing, China. Prof. Cong since 12 years.


USTO, Oran, Algeria. Collaboration with Professor Ferhat. Since more than 35 years ago, Prof. Ferhat is a friend and collaborator… and we are still friends and collaborators !

Stony Brooks

University of Stony Brooks, NY, USA. Collaboration with Prof. Oganov, since 15 years.


University of York, UK. Collaboration with Prof. Probert since 18 years.


University of Ankara, Turkey. Prof. Gencer since 18 years.

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